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is a transparent lubricating film applied in the mill on the surface of threads of some newly developed threads of the VAM® family. Developed for Carbon steel and Cr13 material, it is designed to prevent the use of thread compound containing substances having properties damaging to the environment and or the health. Its proven anti-corrosion properties, together with the facility of inspection, makes a successful combination of environmental respect, safer and cleaner job, improved well production.

- No heavy metals nor health damaging content
- Anti-corrosion properties equivalent to storage dope
- Easy thread inspection
- Prevent Rig thread cleaning
- Minimise yard and rig handling
- Prevent plugging formation pores

This is a environmental considerable improvement. No need to remove protectors, to clean threads prior running.This has the advantage not to leave un-protected threads on the deck: less damage will occur.
The more difficult the well, the more the advantage of this process: from ERD wells to gravel pack job, from the spudding date to the last day prior producing, from the yard to unused pipes and protectors returns, all steps are benefiting from

Mechanical performance properties, make-up torque figures and blanking dimensions are not changed due to application.

Available on following VAM® connections:
· VAM® TOP family:
- From 2 3/8" to 9 5/8" included for Carbon Steel
- From 2 3/8" to 7 5/8" for Cr13
From 4 ½" to 11 7/8" on Carbon steel all grades.

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