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VAM® FJL (Flush Joint Liner) is a 100% inside and outside flush integral connection providing maximum clearance with optimum strength for liners, moderate depth casing, and tight-hole tubing strings.

- Excellent gas tightness
- Maximum clearance (100% flush)
- Easy to use and repair

Integral Flush Design

  • VAM® FJL is an integral connection threaded on plain-end pipe with the OD of the connection totally flush with the pipe body.
  • Sizes range from 2 3/8" to 11 7/8" for such clearance applications as tubing in small sizes, drilling liners and tiebacks in medium sizes, and contingency liner in larger casing diameters.

External Torque Shoulder

  • A patented reverse angle external torque shoulder provides a positive torque stop and energizes the external metal-to-metal seal.
  • This shoulder also permits visual confirmation of power-tight make-up.

Multiple Seal System

  • An external seal and an internal seal work independently of each other to achieve sealing against annulus and well bore pressures.
  • This multiple seal arrangement ensures gas-tight sealing integrity to 100% of the rated burst and collapse of the pipe body.

Interference Tapered Thread

  • In order to provide optimum strength, the VAM® FJL is designed for 65% to 70% efficiency under tension in medium wall thickness.
  • Thread load flank has a 15° reverse angle to resist jump out.
  • Thread stabbing flank has a 45° angle for fast, trouble-free make-up.
  • The design of VAM® FJL exhibits an exceptional bending resistance for a connection of this class.

Streamlined Internal and External Profile

  • The O.D. and I.D. are 100% flush (there is no upset).
  • The I.D. is bored and recess-free for smooth, efficient flow.
  • The O.D. is turned to tight tolerances.
  • VAM® FJL can be repaired by VAM® licensed workshops. Only slight pin end swaging is needed for machining threads.

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