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VAM® Field Service International (VAM® FSI) provide product support for VALLOUREC TUBES, Oil & Gas Division. Field Service centers are located in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Abu Dhabi and Oman. Other VAM® field service centers are located in USA, Singapore, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Although VAM® FSI is owned by VALLOUREC TUBES total independence with respect to inspection is guaranteed.

With over 70 service engineers located around the world, Vallourec approved and qualified personnel can be brought in from other areas to cope with periods of high activity in any one region.

After all, a little knowledge can be dangerous thing in the wrong hands !

Rig Ready Pipe Preparation

This service was first introduced in 1997 for Shell Expro Kingfisher Field in the UKCS. They had a program to drill 6 sub-sea wells using the Transocean John Shaw semi-submersible rig. The completion pipe was manufactured from corrosion resilient alloys and had 5 1/2" VAM® TOP connections. In order to reduce handling and due to tight deck space leading up to the completion running a decision was made to prepare the pipe onshore and ship it in transit frames to the rig 'Just in Time'. Of course this involved inspection, drifting and tallying the pipe onshore and sending it to the rig in running order. Shell enlisted the expertise of VAM® Field Service to carry out this service.

Using laser and palmtop computer to measure and record pipe lengths

This service is tailored precisely to meet the requirements of the customer and involves considerable discussion beforehand. As a minimum the work includes inspection, drifting and tallying however the following must be agreed to suit the wishes of the customer and rig crews

  • Type of storage grease, oil or running compound to be applied
  • Measurements units (meters or feet / decimal feet)
  • Overall length or effective length requirement
  • Running order - high number or low number in well first
  • Position of tally number and lengths on pipe body
  • Shipping requirements - bundles or transit frames

Reasons for selecting this service may include

  • Safety => No need to send personnel offshore to carry out this work
  • Safety => No climbing onto pipe on deck to tally and inspect
  • Safety => No manual handing of drift mandrels on the pipe deck
  • Safety => No double handling of pipe on deck
  • Quality => No manual input of tally lengths. Pipe measured using laser and data transferred electronically to running tally.
  • Quality => VALLOUREC TUBES approved thread inspectors are used
  • Quality => In hole tally linked to manufacturers records to ensure full trace ability from 'cradle to grave'
  • Environmental => No cleaning of grease from connections offshore. Pipe is sent to the rig with light oil or running compound already applied.
  • Cost => Pipe is shipped to the rig 'Just in Time'
  • Cost => No need to send large contingency strings
  • Cost = > Measuring average inside diameter to ascertain accurate cement volumes

13 3/8" Casing in transit frames prepared 'Rig Ready'

If the full service is required and the pipe is to be sent to the rig in running order and in transit frames (as recommended) then it a requirement to have a VAM® Field Service inspector supervise the loading and handling of the pipe from the storage yard to the quayside. A fax is then sent to the rig showing the crane operators exactly what order to offload the vessel to maintain running order. Other elements concerning the onshore preparation can include inspection of sub-assemblies prior to joint make-up and confirmation of sealing and shouldering of VAM® connections using barrette gauges. These services are charged at a 'per hour' rate and include.

  • Inspection of pin and box ends to verify correct machining operations
  • Ensure suitability of torque machine
  • Ensure correct make-up using barrette gauges
  • Issue a certificate of acceptance

Stock Return Inspection

VAM® Field Service provides onshore inspection services on pipe returned from the rig site to ascertain its suitability for reuse and return to stock. This normally includes visual thread and seal inspection and full length drifting of pipe following

High pressure washing of connections prior to inspection
  • Removal and storage of thread protectors
  • Cleaning of pin and box ends
  • Full Length Drift
  • Visual thread and seal inspection
  • Tally
  • Recording of pipe details to maintain trace ability of stock
  • Removal of rig markings
  • Application storage grease
  • Refreshing color bands and stenciling
  • Removal of stop collars and centralizers
  • Re-protection of all joints
  • Reporting

VAM® FSI also provide a service of mill and machine shop monitoring. At present the onshore team are responsible for monitoring and releasing all sub-contract jobs within the UK for VALLOUREC OIL & GAS UK. This includes internal and external shot-blasting, internal plastic and fiberglass coating and manufacture of pup joints, crossovers and shoe track equipment.

Rig Site Services

VAM® Field Service Supervisors provide a 24 hour rig advisory and inspection service. Service supervisors have gained wide experience in the running of high-grade materials such as Corrosion Resistant Alloy tubulars. VAM® Field Service is in the business to ensure that premium tubing and casing perform in the field to their optimum design requirements.

To meet this condition the field engineer will carry out an inspection of all connections, make necessary repairs to transport damaged pipe and reject pipe that has been damaged to such a degree that it is unsafe to run. They will also check the suitability of the equipment used for making-up and handling the tubulars and ensure that connections are made-up to the correct parameters.

In addition the engineer will assist in supervising running, making recommendations as necessary on handling and make-up procedures and ensuring that the pipe is made-up to the correct torque and make-up parameters. On completion of the job a written report with inspection results and joint make-up performance will be issued.

All VAM® Field Service engineers regularly attend training and testing on the VAM® Product line and have attended a minimum 5 day survival training course to comply with European standards.

Major oil and gas companies and drilling contractors have recognised the added value provided through the expertise exhibited at VAM® FSI by issuing long term contracts for inspection services.

Rig site services are charged at a 'per day' rate. This is based on the date of departure from our local office to date of return inclusive. In addition all transport, accommodation and visa charged are back charged to the customer with supporting documentation.

The last and most important inspection of connections before make-up



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