VAM® Connections Mix Torques Tool

Please read carefully the following points before using the Mix Torque calculation tool.

o This tool can be used to obtain torques values for VAM® TOP tubing, VAM® TOP Casing, VAM® TOP HC/HT and VAM TOP Isolated products.
o Results are only applicable to products manufactured in accordance with the VAM® standard blanking dimensions (accessories or pipes). In case of doubt, please contact Mr Help.
o For Special Bevel and Special Clearance options please contact Mr Help.
o In case of compatiblity, please carefully verify that
  - the combination of the surface treatment and the dope applied on the Pin and Box connections
  - and the respective materials of the Pin and Box connections (Carbon steel, 13Cr, CRA...)
are all matching the applicable VAM® requirements and end-user requirements to guarantee the full compatibility. Contact Mr Help if needed.